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Enterprise leaders view Digital Transformation as an absolute necessity, and many CIOs are the key leaders in harnessing it. They understand the power of mobility, big data, cloud and social media to generate new customers, products and revenue streams.
Accelerating digital transformation leads to an increase in cloud utilization, constructing a (cloud) infrastructure strategy is critical to business success.

How we help



Burstorm Platform provides the capability to quickly and accurately capture, visualize, model and compare network, datacenter, compute and storage infrastructure with market alternatives.

  • Prioritize infrastructure and cloud decisions using relevant data
  • Identify cost saving solutions
  • Discover opportunities to increase agility, flexibility and performance in the constantly changing cloud market

Model and Design

Today’s design tools are manual, slow, and lack the intelligence to capture or interact with current state data. The cloud infrastructure market is complex and moving very fast, making it impossible to fully understand external options and adequately compare solutions. The Burstorm Platform speeds up the design process.

  • Distributed teams easily share models and designs using our built-in collaboration feature.
  • Create and modify infrastructure designs in real-time through an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface.
  • Capture all requirements based on technology, economics, performance, security and availability.

Historically the design and quoting process has been slow and costly.

Burstorm enables you to design faster and more efficiently.


Cloud Price-Performance Benchmarking

Product managers have relied on anecdotal or outdated information when making strategic decisions on key foundational IT investments and internal product sets.  Data driven decisions significantly reduce risk, cost and time to market. Until now, infrastructure decisions were substandard because they had to be made with limited data.

  • Our Benchmarking Services allow you to objectively measure the value of in-house and external service offerings based on performance, price and price-performance metrics.
  • We offer a private benchmarking service so you can quickly and easily compare your current cloud infrastructure to the top cloud service providers.

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Product Management

The Burstorm platform enables the product management team to design, benchmark and manage compute, storage, datacenter and network cloud services catalogs.  Equipped with formulas and business rules capabilities, the product set is no longer a long, outdated excel spreadsheet that is hard to manage and distribute.  In our Product Catalog we are continuously compiling product sets from 100’s of providers that are instantly accessible by sales, architects, channels and customers.


Burstorm Cloud i2i: Information to Insight

Providing the insight needed to assess cloud options and select the optimum solutions

The biggest obstacle facing leaders today is understanding all of the cloud options and identifying the best possible solutions to meet their strategic, business and technical requirements.

Burstorm is the leader in cloud infrastructure modeling, providing independent and unbiased insight to help make well-informed decisions about an organization’s compute, storage, networking and data center components for in-house, colocation, cloud and hybrid IT environments.

After Four Weeks, Burstorm’s i2i Process Delivers an Executive Report Containing:

  • Assessment of current data centers and cloud services
  • Models representing current environments and alternate design scenarios
  • Benchmark reports comparing current infrastructure to the current market across many infrastructure providers
  • Recommendations for optimizing your current IT environment while you transition to cloud solutions

Leverage the power of the Burstorm platform to map, match and compare your Private, Virtual, Hybrid or hosted infrastructure environments against our Catalog of more than 40,000 products from 100’s of providers.