Burstorm is a cloud technology platform company enabling enterprises, service providers and systems integrators to model, design, benchmark and optimize cloud infrastructure.  Combining an easy-to-use drag-and-drop modeling application with a continuously updated catalog of service provider assets, the Burstorm platform helps organizations more quickly and accurately assess and select the optimal computing storage, networking and data center solutions for their digital transformation to the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Burstorm?

Burstorm is a privately held company founded in 2009 that provides a platform for Enterprises, Systems Integrators and Service Providers to model, design and benchmark new and existing infrastructure with price-performance information from 100s of providers and 1000s of products.

What is the Burstorm Platform?

The Burstorm Platform is comprised of several parts.  Our web application enables organizations to quickly and efficiently view, plan, benchmark, and compare their current and future IT Infrastructure so they can make optimal decisions going forward.  Our dynamic and growing Product Catalog lets you consider different design scenarios in real-time. It also offers Service Providers increased market visibility of their product sets.  Our continuous cloud Benchmarking Services gives you the actual price-performance of products so you can see the real value of solutions and make informed, data-driven decisions.  Additionally our modeling application allows you to collaborate in real-time, with colleagues, partners and customers, saving you time and money.

Who uses Burstorm?

Burstorm is used by Enterprises, Service Providers and Systems Integrators to more efficiently model, design, benchmark and optimize cloud infrastructure.

What is Cloud Benchmarking?

Not all cloud instances are created equal.  Even though you may spin up a cloud instance with similar or exact specifications (4-core vCPU, 16GB RAM, 100GB Storage, etc.) – they will not perform the exact same way – user experience will vary by day, time and location.

We measure performance from some of the major cloud service providers by spinning up their instances to run our tests and record the results. With this growing set of data, we can provide comparisons between cloud service providers based on instance, geography and over time to visualize and identify any trends.

How do I add my services to the Product Catalog and price-performance Benchmarking Service?

Burstorm offers cloud Benchmarking Services to both service providers and enterprises, allowing results to be public or private.

Contact us! See how the Burstorm platform can empower you through controlled visibility.

How does Burstorm test performance?

Burstorm uses the standard UnixBench score scaled to a more modern processor and bus (a Raspberry Pi 2,  ARM7 @900Mhz) rather than the original SparcStation 20-61.  The values based on this system represent the Burstorm Compute Unit or BCU.  

UnixBench is the original BYTE UNIX benchmark suite, updated and revised by many people over the years. The purpose of UnixBench is to provide a basic indicator of the performance of a Unix-like system; hence, multiple tests are used to assess various aspects of the system’s performance.  These test results are then compared to the scores from a baseline system to produce an index value which is generally easier to handle than the raw scores.  The entire set of index values is then combined to make an overall index for the system.   

We spin up an instance with default settings (no optimizations) for each run.  The test data we collect is from a full UnixBench test with the iteration count set to 1.  

For more information, you can review the project website here: https://github.com/kdlucas/byte-unixbench

What is Burstorm’s Cloud i2i assessment?

In a four-week engagement Burstorm will model the current state of your data centers and cloud services along with proposing alternate solutions to compare against the current market and provide recommendations to optimize IT spending and strategy.

Are there APIs for the App?

Yes, Burstorm APIs are available. Link to Burstorm APIs: https://app.burstorm.com/api

Can I get a demo?

Yes! Contact us today to schedule a demo, and see how the Burstorm platform can empower you.


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