Our Story



Burstorm is a cloud technology platform company enabling enterprises, service providers and systems integrators to model, design, benchmark and optimize cloud infrastructure.  Combining an easy-to-use drag-and-drop modeling application with a continuously updated catalog of service provider assets, the Burstorm platform helps organizations more quickly and accurately assess and select the optimal computing storage, networking and data center solutions for their digital transformation to the cloud.

Our Story

A  History of Industry Firsts

In 2009, we started as a technology broker working with CIOs and IT Leaders to find and source network, datacenter and managed services infrastructure solutions.  Recognizing the complexity of cloud computing, Burstorm began development of a software application to automate the design and solution comparison process.  Initially, it was created to enable Burstorm’s internal cloud architects to model and design more effectively.

After seeing the benefits of accelerated, accurate and collaborative design capabilities, Burstorm officially launched its first release of the application in 2014.

In early May 2015, Burstorm and Rice University worked closely to create the industry’s first comprehensive, continuous price-performance benchmarking report.  The Rice-Burstorm test (RB-A) collaboration continually measures the top cloud services over time and around the world in order to detect trends and anomalies by type and location.

In February 2016, Burstorm announced the ability for organizations to compare their private benchmark test results against the market.  CIOs and Digital Leaders can easily answer the question, “How do we stack up?” based on unbiased facts and data.

Today, Enterprise IT leaders, Systems Integrators, Consultants, VARs, Service Providers and Channel Partners leverage the Burstorm platform to continually make well informed and strategic infrastructure decisions, and to accelerate the adoption of cloud services.