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Service Providers

Today product managers, solution architects, pre-sales and distribution channels are limited by e-mail, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio to propose products and designs in a timely manner to customers.

Adopting the Burstorm platform will allow your team to collaborate with the customer’s architects and IT teams, and for the first time, allow you to propose, in real-time, solutions to satisfy business objectives and strategies.

Who we help


Sales Leaders (Direct and Channel)

Direct and Channel Sales leaders need to accelerate their sales cycles, generate more qualified leads, and convert those leads to wins while using their talented sales and technical resources as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Burstorm Platform for Sales Leaders

  • Shorten sales-cycle and drastically improve your conversion rate.
  • Proactively manage and distribute your product portfolio to your sales team, solution architects, partners and customers.
  • Have access to the wealth and precision of real-time information you need to make insightful decisions.

Product Managers

Service Provider Product Managers need access to industry data to make informed decisions about their infrastructure cloud products and services, including periodic market checks and competitive analysis  to  evaluate,  compare, develop and benchmark their offerings versus the market.

Benefits of Burstorm Platform for Product Managers

For the first time enterprise product managers have access to accurate and relevant price-performance benchmark data to:

  • Expose your product catalog to a wider audience, increasing market awareness of your cloud services.
  • Enhance, improve and accelerate competitive analysis process.
  • Build better products and services that are responsive to the market.
  • Distribute new and updated product sets to sales, architects, channels & customers in real-time.
  • Use insight from design data and benchmarking to continuously modify, enhance and improve your products and solutions.

Market Insights for Product Managers

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Solutions Engineering Leadership

The Solutions Engineering/Architect leaders have limited resources to respond to and deliver engineering solutions to prospective customers. The current design processes are manual, slow and linear creating delays and re-work on behalf of the solutions engineers.

Benefits for Solutions Engineering:

  • Increase the speed of your design process – from days to minutes.
  • Design optimized scenarios with economic impact and insight to your customers.
  • Collaborate within your organization (sales, pre-sales, operations), channel partners and customers in real-time to make optimal design decisions.