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Service Providers

Today, product managers, solution architects, pre-sales and distribution channels are limited by e-mail, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio to propose products and designs.
Adopting the Burstorm Platform enables collaboration with customers’ architects and IT teams to propose, in real-time, solutions that satisfy business objectives and strategies.

How we help


Product Management

Product management teams are able to design, benchmark and manage their compute, storage, datacenter and network cloud services.

  • Product sets are no longer lengthy excel spreadsheets that are hard to manage, hard to distribute and outdated
  • Product sets are instantly available to sales, architects, channel partners and customers in our continuously updated Product Catalog
  • Privately test, compare and view the results of your and/or your customers’ IT infrastructure against the constantly-changing cloud services market, unlocking unprecedented levels of insights.

Cloud Price-Performance Benchmarking

With our Benchmarking services, you and your customers can objectively measure the value that your services offer by performance, price and price-performance metrics.

Product managers are now more knowledgeable about positioning products and services, and effectively communicating a portfolio’s value propositions to sales teams, distribution channels and, most of all, customers.

We offer a private benchmarking service so you can quickly and easily compare your cloud services to the top cloud service providers.

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Model and Design

The Burstorm Platform streamlines and shortens the design process by improving design accuracy and overall efficiencies in the design process.  The solution design process is no longer complex and lengthy.

  • Solution architects, channel partners and customers are able to consider different design scenarios in real-time.
  • Unlimited scenarios can be modeled using continuously updated product, price and performance information in our Product Catalog
  • Infrastructure can be analyzed and designed for current and future business requirements, while considering performance, scalability, security, availability and economics.

Historically the design and quoting process has been slow and costly.

Burstorm enables you to design faster and more efficiently.