Who We Help

Enablers of Digital Transformation


Enterprise leaders want the benefits that Digital Transformation has to offer, but it’s challenging to understand all of the options (in-house vs. hybrid vs. private, etc.). Organizations need SIs and consultants to guide and advise them as they transform from their current state to a future digitally-enabled enterprise.

Who we help


Business Development Leader

To grow their revenue, SIs and Consultants need to differentiate and position themselves as partners capable of guiding clients to transform into digitally enabled, cloud-centric, innovative organizations.

Benefits of Burstorm Platform for Business Development Leader

  • Win more business with access to strategic insights, financial and industry data
  • Deliver more comprehensive business case scenarios
  • Produce IT Readiness Assessments faster using platform and methodologies
  • Improve margins by increasing team productivity

Cloud Practice Leader

The cloud infrastructure market is complex and dynamic, making it difficult to know all of the various options to make optimal decisions in a timely manner. Our Platform enhances and simplifies the proposal and implemenation process.

Benefits for Cloud Practice Leaders

  • Capture and visualize client’s current state with continuously updated market comparisons.
  • Expand range of solutions with dynamic design and scenario planning capability
  • Model alternative designs and see financial impact.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to optimize and  leverage cloud solutions
  • Deliver actionable insights with proven methodology and platform

Infrastructure Architect

Designing is a very complex process. Today’s design tools are manual (slow) and lack the intelligence to capture or interact with current state data.  The cloud infrastructure market is complex and moving very fast making it impossible to fully understand  external options to adequately compare solutions.


  • Accelerate the design process and spend more time on high value activities.
  • Consider unlimited design scenarios and know financial impact.
  • Improve design accuracy and overall efficiencies in the design process.
  • Design with economics in mind in near real-time using intelligent design tools