Version 4.3 released!

It’s with great excitement that I announce the release of Burstorm version 4.3. This major release 4.3 was build around the theme of enhancing the user experience by updated flows and improved UI features.

The most prominent feature is an entirely redesigned method to manage your products and services. It now follows an easy “find and update the results” method. The other most notable update is the in-app help system with more places to ask for- and get help.

Many more enhancements have been made and I suggest you check them out.

Below is a list of some of the cool new capabilities.

Major Updates

  • Product portal page now allows you find products and view the cost of products in various configurations
  • The spreadsheet view (now promoted to mainstream from labs) allows mass edits of the selected products
  • The product entry and edit forms have been greatly enhanced
  • Updated programmatic product updates for AWS, azure, Google, Centurylink, Softlayer and Rackspace allowing more complex products to be included
  • The My Library feature has been given a major face lift.
  • You can now create project-specific locations which is useful for things like identifying a customer site, for example
  • Enhanced help all through the app

Minor Updates

  • Added a “ladder” mode for progressive pricing product formulas
  • Added P2P products
  • The work-space search now searches more text, including objective names, etc
  • Dashboard left-navigation now has search
  • Recommender now has search and product set filters for results
  • The product pricing view in hours or months etc is now sticky in the product portal.
  • The design scenario menus have been reorganized
  • Tool-tip hovers have been added to all abbreviated text
  • Fedramp compliance has been added
  • A guided tour has been added to the landing page
  • The Performance page filtering options have been enhanced
  • The spreadsheet editing feature has been promoted from a labs feature to mainstream.

New Burstorm LABs features

  • We added virtual network circuit products where the recommender will find the optimal route in the context of a customer-site-1->pop-1->pop-2->customer-site-2 scenario and we would like your feedback!