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The digital


Enterprise leaders view Digital Transformation as an absolute necessity, and many CIOs are the key leaders in harnessing it.  They understand the power of mobility, big data, cloud and social media to generate new customers, products and revenue streams.
Accelerating digital transformation leads to an increase in cloud utilization, constructing a (cloud) infrastructure strategy is critical to business success.

Who we help


CIO / Digital Leader

CIOs are tasked to manage, optimize and consolidate legacy infrastructure and data centers while strategically expanding the utilization of cloud services (in-house, hybrid, external).  The cloud infrastructure market is complex and dynamic, making it difficult to understand options and make informed decisions.

Benefits of Burstorm Platform for CIO / Digital Leaders

  • Gain an executive view of current infrastructure with market comparisons
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to optimize (savings between 20-60%) and leverage cloud solutions
  • Understand at all times how in-house services stack up in the market
  • Make faster data-driven decisions reducing risk and time to market

Infrastructure / Cloud Architect

The Burstorm Platform streamlines and shortens the design process by improving accuracy and overall efficiencies.  The infrastructure design process is no longer complex and lengthy.

Benefits of Burstorm Platform for Infrastructure / Cloud Architects

  • Enterprise infrastructure architects can collaborate with each other, suppliers and partners to consider different design scenarios in real-time
  • Model unlimited scenarios using continuously updated product, price and performance information in our Product Catalog
  • Analyze and design infrastructure for current and future business requirements, while considering performance, scalability, security, availability and economics

IT Manager

Enterprise IT teams manage internal cloud products and services, requiring periodic market checks and competitive analysis to evaluate, compare, develop and benchmark their internal offerings against the market.

Benefits of Burstorm Platform for IT Managers

For the first time enterprise product managers have access to near real-time, reliable and relevant price performance benchmark data to:

  • Enhance, improve and accelerate competitive analysis process
  • Increase market awareness and adoption of in-house services
  • Distribute new and updated product sets in near real-time
  • Build better products and services with near real-time, reliable and relevant data